Open Your Wallets, And Your Hearts.

Strat Cat NFT project is partnered with Stratosphere Defi to bring you a charitable NFT collection facilitating and fostering aid for various cat sanctuaries and rehabilitation projects. You can even pay directly on the site with a credit card. No crypto experience needed. No excuses. Help save a cat’s life today.

Cute Cat NFTs
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What is StratCats?

Who We Are

We care about saving cats, Just as You Do!

Cats are literally the cutest thing on the face of the planet! How can you look at this face and pass it by? They need our help. We’re working in association with multiple organizations that rescue and save cats all around the world. If you care about cats, simply mint an NFT and we’ll save one for you.

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Save A Cat Today


Happy Feline Friends!

Here are some individuals who are glad they bought an NFT to save a cat.

I am new to crypto but not to cats 🙂 I bought my first NFT today with a credit card. It was so simple to help save a cats life.

Jane Foster, NY

I'm probably the biggest cat fan in the world. All I had to do was purchase an NFT and Cat NFTs coordinated the rescue.

Mike Ross, WD

It's amazing to see a project like Cat NFTs actually have a genuine purpose and want to help in this space. It's refreshing!

Veronica Cullen, MH

Save A Cat Today.