Honeysuckle FAQ

What is honeysuckle?

There are multiple species of Honeysuckle…and they come in several forms, including woody vine, and as a bush (woody shrub). Lonicera tartarica species of Honeysuckle shrub contains a chemical similar to the active ingredient in catnip (nepetalactone).

Do all cats respond to honeysuckle?

No, approximately 30% of all cats are responsive to honeysuckle. Of note is that of that 30% are cats who do not respond to catnip.

What kind of response do cats have to honeysuckle?

Similar to the response cats have to catnip, you may see any or all of the following: rubbing the toy along the face, licking the toy, rolling on the toy, wrestling with the toy held between the paws!

Is honeysuckle safe for my cat?

Yes and No. The berries are considered poisonous. None of the honeysuckle toys or honeysuckle products that Catnip Toys carries are made with anything other than honeysuckle wood. Our toys come from two respected companies who make a quality, and safe (and wildly popular!) line of honeysuckle cat toys. Raw honeysuckle wood is a choking hazard…you want the wood either encased in fabric, or as a sawdust encased in fabric.

How do I give honeysuckle to my cats?

Toys or beds containing honeysuckle wood or honeysuckle saw dust are safe
for your cat to enjoy.

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