Age? From 6 months to Adult (7 years). The age a cat is considered an adult will vary depending on the reference, the range is 6-8 years. For this life stage, toys are to exercise and tone your cat’s muscles, and to further strengthen the bond you share with them. Treats are useful as rewards for any cat behavior training you may be doing, and catnip can be used to both relax or encourage self-play.
Recommended Bed for Adults Cats  
Furball Frenzy™ — two intertwined faux fur rings, each ring stuffed with organic catnip. Bells are safely tucked inside the rings. Captivates with sound of ringing bells, stimulates hunting skills and “rabbit-kicking” play.
Kat-A-Pillo Sherpa Solo –the ultimate cat bed by Kookie Kitty. One side of this plump doughnut bed is covered in Kookie Kitty’s unique cat and pawprint design fabric, and the flip side is soft Sherpa.
Recommended Toys for Adult Cats:
KirbySticks,3 Pack — trio of flexible slender catnip toys filled with Cosmic brand catnip and a bit of polyfill. Good for encouraging self-play and wrestling exercise.
Kittybird® Cat Toy — Very popular feather cat toy featuring a weighted base, stimulates your cats hunting instincts. Encourages a “pick up and carry” capture and will tantalize as when batted this is a self-righting toy.
Recommended All-Natural Treats for Adults:
Kitty Kaviar® — healthy high protein treat without any sugars, dyes, or preservatives added. Strong aroma appeal, texture is thin shaved petals of dried bonito>
WildSide Salmon for Cats — Crunchy Alaskan Salmon treat that is all natural and preservative free.
PetGuard Purrlicious Organic Tartar Control Crunchy Chicken Kitty Cat Snack – the first organic tartar control treat for cats! Dental health is very important for your adult cat, this can be a delicious way to help them maintain good dental health.
Kooky Kat® Catnip Budz — Fresh, aromatic, untreated flowering buds on the stalk from Kooky Kat® Catnip Company. Remove buds from the stalk, crush slightly and serve just a pinch as they are very potent!
Zoey is having a ball with her KirbyStick™!
A KirbyStick™ has a great shape that makes it super-fun to play with!