Age? From 8 weeks to 6 months.
Why this age range? 6 months is an average age for many kittens to reach sexual maturity.
Why is that important? The response to catnip is an inherited “autosomal dominant trait” — in other words, it is genetic and your kitten or cat must have inherited the appropriate genes. Plus, not only must your cat have the right genes to respond, but they must also be old enough — the age of sexual maturity. For more information on Catnip Frequently Asked Questions, click here. It is rare for a kitten to respond to catnip, so we do not recommend catnip toys for kittens under 6 months of age.
Recommended Beds for Kittens:
Cozy Calming Mat by Petstages –a unique way to provide your kitten a bit of calm, with it’s soothing warmth. Veterinarian approved, this 8 1/2 inch by 8 1/2 inch colorful mat has soft plush fabric in the center, with tickling cloth streamers off each point. Microwavable, you simply microwave for 30 seconds to provide a warm, soothing comfort to your kitten or cat.
Recommended Toys for Kittens:
Kitty Pongs — light, colorful ping pong balls to help develop a kitten’s motor skills and agility.

Kitty Puffs™ — metallic pom poms in vibrant colors — easy to pick up and carry after “capture” (see photo at right, copyright owner N.F.) and lightweight enough to be batted around the room. Encourages your kitten’s hunting skills as well as helping develop agility and motor skills. For supervised play.

PURRfect Feather Dancer by VEE Enterprises — an “Editor’s Choice” winner by Cat Fancy! This wonderful wand cat toy features a sturdy, flexible 18 inch long wand, approximately 8 inches of feathers (two colors, two lengths) which are attached to the wand via approximately 7 1/2 inches of thick plastic cable line. Total length from tip of feathers to end of wand is appoximately 33 inches.
Excellent interactive toy to exercise the kitten who is still full of energy when it is your bed time and is either not letting you get to sleep or is waking you up early in the morning for play. This is a cat behavior that you do not want to have become permanent. To break this before it becomes a habit…try using the hour before you are ready to retire to have a good 15 minute play session with your kitten.
All-Natural Treats for Kittens:
Kitty Kaviar® — high protein treat with appealing kitty aroma, contains thin petals of shaved, dried Bonito fish.
WildSide Salmon for Cats (and kittens!) — made of wild salmon, and nothing else, this salmon treat features a delightful puffy texture, kitten satisfying crunch, and enticing round shaped pieces.
Grandma Lucy’s Roasted Chicken Cat Treats — chunks of human grade chicken, roasted & then freeze-dried. An all natural treat that is high in protein and low in fat. No sugar, no wheat, no preservatives – if cat health is important to you, this treat is one to try.
Panda the kitten plays with a Wild Print Ball with Catnip
Does Panda love his Kitty Kaviar®? Judge for yourself!