Age? 7 years and up. In this life stage your cat may have become much more sedentary, those cat naps may seem to be most of its day! Cat health issues may begin to develop in the teen years such as Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), raising issues to deal with such as poor appetite.
Recommended Beds for Senior Cats
Snug Spot Cat Bed by Petsages –Easy to get into, it provides a bed where your older cat can snuggle and relax on the warmth provided by microwaving the insert.
Kitty Hoots™ Boogie Mat — Colorful refillable catnip bed with several patterns. This mat will not only sweeten your Senior cats dreams, it will encourage cat behavior such as rolling and pawing at the bed, silly exercise but better than none.
Recommended Toys for Senior Cats:
Hot Cats Catnip Toy — Simplicity in a 6 inch long sausage-shaped toy stuffed with organic catnip & nothing else! In durable denim twill, I’ve seen this sturdy toy getting loving attention a year after purchase!.
Fuzzy-Wuzzy Cat Toy — wonderful natural sheepskin toy for cats! Handmade, this plain and simple toy is cut in such a way that it gently corkscrews, enticing wrestling, snuggling, tossing. A soft toy gentle when being held in the mouth.
Treats for Senior Cats:
SmartyKat ShrimpNip — real freeze-dried shrimp spiced up with certified organic catnip! No preservatives. Crunchy, high protein treat, may serve as a good appetite stimulant.
Rosie’s™ Rosedust — Rosie’s™ Rosedust is a 100% pure beef, all natural food enhancer that can be used as is, or reconstituted with water. Texture is soft crumbles. Use for appetite stimulation, administering pills, or give a sprinkle as a treat. Alix P. Curl gives this her highest recommendation.
Kitty Kaviar® — healthy high protein treat without any sugars, dyes, or preservatives added. Strong aroma appeal, texture is soft, thin shaved petals of dried bonito. A treat we recommend for all the life stages of your cat.
Sojourner Farms Catnip — Certified organic catnip in a charming resealable tin. Very fine grind of catnip with no sharp bits of stalk or stem.
Kooky Kat® Catnip Budz in a Bottle — Catnip oil from Kooky Kat’s world renowned organic catnip budz mixed with spring water and packaged in a simple pump spray. Use to rejuvenate any cat bed, scratching post or catnip toy.
The above recommendations are a guideline of what beds, catnip products, toys and treats to consider for your kitten, adult or senior cat when cat health and cat behavior are considerations. Please browse our Site Map to see the extensive list of our categories, and our other cat toys and all-natural treats.

One Senior Cat’s Experience with Catnip Buds

“Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in great shape, thank you!!! While the goodies are for our girls for Christmas, my daughter (age 12) and I couldn’t help but try the buds out with them. LOL Have you ever seen a totally dignified 14 year old cat act like a kitten? This white beast of ours did!! Right down to being spread eagle on the floor, rubbing her face on the hardwood! She then decided to chase the younger cat, claws flying…. she always runs FROM the younger cat….” Eddy, Florida